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General 2% Sales & Use Tax Report
Breakdown of City-Parish Tax Collections (includes Vehicle Tax Collections) This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from

NAIC Code Comparison This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from

1/2% Sewer Tax Collection Report This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from

For February 2014, compared to February 2013, tax collections reflected a 6.39% increase for the City and Parish combined. Year-to-date collections reflect a 2.65% increase.   

Historical information relative to sales and use tax collections is presented below.


For the Five Year Period 2010-2014
2% General Fund Tax






January $11,891,026 $12,269,899 $13,102,032 $13,305,439 $13,170,371
February 11,827,010 12,417,732 13,453,414 13,054,453 13,889,004
March 14,204,819 14,424,297 15,487,148 15,433,851
April 13,116,866 13,096,055 14,374,922 14,773,556
May 12,545,680 13,293,564 15,104,063 14,616,217
June 13,395,492 13,784,759 15,080,297 14,662,422
July 12,525,611 12,804,395 13,858,648 14,443,339
August 13,054,566 13,847,870 13,919,927 14,518,765
September 12,859,476 13,582,091 13,662,189 14,423,221
October 12,551,100 13,144,618 14,134,255 14,508,779
November 12,681,102 13,493,354 14,455,940 14,147,838
December    15,638,087    16,383,887   16,153,714   16,946,222                  
Year $156,290,835 $162,542,521 $172,786,549 $174,834,102 $27,059,375
Yearly Increase/(Decrease):
Amount -$4,792,633 $6,251,686 $10,244,028 $2,047,553 $699,483
Percentage -2.98% 4.00% 6.30% 1.19% 2.65%
  • NOTE 1: The above report represents a customized presentation of "recurring" sales and use tax collections for use primarily by the management of City-Parish Government for various purposes including revenue forecasting. Amounts set forth are unaudited. They may not include certain non-recurring transactions such as those related to tax audits or year-end audit adjustments, which could distort comparisons.

  • NOTE 2: Since this is a customized report for special purposes as explained in Note 1 above, the monthly and annual totals in the report will generally be different than totals reflected in accounting records.