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Reporting of Crime
Anytime you observe suspicious or illegal events or suspect the occurrence of one, you should call Communications at (225)389-2000 to have an uniformed officer dispatched to the area. When calling, be prepared to give specific information (exact locations, clothing/physical descriptions, etc.) regarding your complaint. Responding officers will investigate and, if necessary, notify one of the specialized task forces that regularly conduct undercover stings.

If the incident has just occurred or requires emergency response to protect life and property, call 911.

Many people have questions about what is suspicious. It could be a stranger who enters your neighbor's home while your neighbor is away, or someone carrying property such as TVs, radios, or stereos at an unusually late hour or in an unusual place. It could be non-public employees using or damaging public utilities. Other suspicious activity is the sound of shattering glass, which could be the sign of a burglary or vandalism in progress. Anyone being forced into a vehicle could be the victim of a possible abduction. In general, any activity which you observe that is out of the ordinary and potentially illegal should be reported.

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