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Juvenile Services Substance Abuse Programs

Juvenile Underage Drinking Enforcement (J.U.D.E.)

The Juvenile Underage Drinking Enforcement (JUDE) Ordinance became effective August 1, 1993, and is designed to reduce alcohol incidences with East Baton Rouge Parish Youth. The I CARE Program is pleased to join forces with The Department of Juvenile Services, Baton Rouge Police, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, ABC Office and Juvenile Court to offer Alcohol Awareness Seminars.

Drug Screening Program

The Drug Screening program is an intense program that targets drug offenders, high-risk probationers, and those probationers in the substance abuse treatment program. The probationer is screened randomly in a pro-active attempt to deter and detect substance abuse, to encourage compliance with supervision, or to make the appropriate referral for services.

Chemical Awareness Program

A monthly, four-hour program designed for assessment, prevention, and educational purposes. Participants include those offenders who commit an alcohol or drug related offense, as well as any youth identified as high risk.

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