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Barking Dogs

If barking dogs are a problem in your neighborhood, we suggest the neighborly approach as a good start. Many people don't notice the sound of their own dog barking. Your neighbor may be willing to cooperate when they find out that their pet is keeping you awake.

If the neighborly approach does not work, you must write a letter describing the problem. Give as much detail as possible, including:

--your name, address and daytime phone number (this must be included in your letter)

-- the location of the dog causing the problem

-- a description of the problem

-- a description of how the animal's behavior is causing a problem for you

-- specific times and dates that the animal was a nuisance

When we receive the letter, we can dispatch an officer to discuss the problem with the dog's owner. A warning notice will be left to document the visit. If the dog continues to bark, and you make another complaint within 15 days, the owner will receive a summons for court. You will be subpoenaed to testify against them and present evidence to back up your allegations.

It is natural and normal for dogs to bark at strangers and other animals. According to the definition used in the ordinance, nuisance barking or noise-making must be EXCESSIVE before a summons is issued.

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