Public Information

For Immediate Release

Release Date: 06/06/2011

City of Baton Rouge/Parish of EBR Service Fee Business Office Announces New Office Location

The Service Fee Business Office has moved to 1100 Laurel Street, Suite 234, at the old Baton Rouge Junior High School building located near Florida Boulevard. Payments for sewer user fees, garbage fees, and water can be made at this location or at Baton Rouge Water Company located at 8755 Goodwood Boulevard.

The Service Fee Business Office, through Baton Rouge Water Company, partners with CheckFreePay, offering convenient locations to pay your bill throughout the parish by cash or money order (no checks), including locations at most Walmart Stores. A list of CheckFreePay locations can be found at or by calling the Sewer Fee Business Office at 389-5378. Other payment choices include: Payment by credit card by calling Baton Rouge Water/Parish Water Company at the number listed on your bill or you can pay online by visiting Payment drop boxes are also available for checks and money orders at both 1100 Laurel Street and 8755 Goodwood Boulevard.

Contact Person:
Greta Meche, Service Fee Manager
225 389-5378