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Office of Emergency Preparedness

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Road Closures
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Sand and Sandbags
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Government Closures
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School Closures
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Service Cancellations
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Emergency Information

Road Closures
2137 Tulip / Camelia
3155 Bartlett
3579 Victoria
8800 Block of Old Hammond
900 Van Buren / Nicholson
Baywell / Acadian
I-10 East / Perkins
I-110 North / Weller
Nicholson Drive
North Foster / Fairfields
North Foster / Hermitage
Winbourne / Doughtery (Howell Park)

Sand and Sandbags

 There are no open sandbag distribution centers at this time.


There are no open emergency shelters at this time.

Government Closures

There are no government closures at this time.

School Closures
School NameReopen Date
Baton Rouge University Prep School04/29/2015
Broadmoor Elementary04/29/2015
Episcopal School 04/29/2015
Glasgow Middle04/28/2015
Highland Elementary04/29/2015
Magnolia Woods Elementary04/29/2015
Melrose Elementary04/29/2015
Park Forest Middle04/29/2015
Shenandoah Elementary04/29/2015
St. Aloysius Catholic School04/29/2015

Service Cancellations

There are no service cancellations at this time.

Helpful Links to Emergency Information
American Red Cross
Flight Information at Baton Rouge
Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
Hotel Availability Information
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
Louisiana District of the USGS (River Stages)
Louisiana State Police Emergency Page
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service
Traffic Information

Helpful Phone Numbers
Emergency calls should be made first to
East Baton Rouge Parish Emergency # 911
American Red Cross (866) 438-4636 (1-866-GET-INFO)
Animal Control Services   (225) 774-7700
Baton Rouge City Police (225) 389-3831
Baton Rouge Fire Department (225) 354-1400
Baton Rouge Shelters   1-866-GET-INFO (438-4636)
City of Baker (225) 778-0300
City of Central (225) 262-5000
City of Zachary (225) 654-0026
DEMCO   (225) 261-1160 (Power Outages)
Department of Public Works (225) 389-3158
Emergency Medical Services (225) 389-3300
Entergy   1-800-9OUTAGE
Gouging Complaints (Atty. General)   1-800-488-2770
Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness   (225) 925-7500
Mayor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (225) 389-2100
Sheriff's Office (225) 389-5000
Special Needs Shelter Hotline   1-800-349-1372
State Police: Alabama   (334) 242-4378
State Police: Louisiana (Road Closures)   1-800-469-4828
State Police: Louisiana (Troop A) (225) 754-8500
State Police: Mississippi   (601) 987-1430
U.S. Geological Survey (225) 389-0281
24Hour Flight Information:  
  American Airlines   1-800-223-5436
  Continental Airlines   1-800-784-4444
  Delta Airlines   1-800-325-1999
  Northwest Airlines   1-800-441-1818