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Office of Emergency Preparedness

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Road Closures
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Sand and Sandbags
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Government Closures
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Emergency Information

We are currently conducting a test. There are no current emergencies. All information below is part of this test.

Road Closures
Amarillo @ Alamonster
Arrowhead at Lee
4329 Arrowhead St.
945 Audubon
4601 Avalon
Baird Dr at Chandler
6765 Baytree
4700 Beech
17070 Blackwater
17666 Blackwater
9868 Blackwater Rd.
3127 Boganwalk
Burbank Rd. @ Nicholson Rd.
23352 Carson Rd
1755 Carter Ave
2736 Cedar St
21860 Chaney Rd
17000 Charlton Rd.
7400 Cheyenne Drive
5252 Clairmont Ave
Claycut at N Acadian
Claycut at S Foster
College Dr. @ Perkins Rd
Conrad at Jean St
9446 Corrinth St
1300 Country Club Dr.
8337 Cypress Lake Dr.
Dickens Dr.
1241 E Flonacher
Eleanor and Winbourne
Eleanor Dr.
12345 Englewood St North
Evergrren St @ Spain St.
Ferdannan St @ I-10 w/b entry ramp
9124 Florida Blvd
8784 Forest Hill
900 France St
900 France St btw East Blvd and Maxmillian
France St.
16694 Frenchtown Rd
17281 George O'Neal
3700 Blk Geronimo/Winnebago Street
Glenhaven Dr
8470 Goodwood Blvd
9300 Goodwood EB
2045 Gore Rd
4200 Gourrier at W. Parker
6940 Government
3800 Greentree
Greenwell Springs Road @ Stoney Point
9300 Greenwell St
Greenwell St.
1700 Harding
801 Harding Blvd
750 Harding Blvd.
801 Harding Blvd.
Harding St at Sinbad St
1011 Heck Young Rd.
Highland @ Jefferson Hwy
Highland Rd
17900 Highland Rd
7093 Highland Rd
8200 Highland Rd
9200 Highland Rd
7000 Highland Rd.
Hooper @ Mickens
5700 Howell Place Ave
Hwy 64 @ Tucker
3319 Hyacinth Ave.
I10/ I-110 @ Governmet St.
I-10/ I-110 S/B @ Government St.
I-10/ I-110 S/B @ Government St.
Iowa at Van Buren
5123 Jean St
Julia at Napoleon
734 Lakeview Dr S
Lanier at Greenwell Springs Rd
Laurel at Gottleib
7240 Leyland Ct
10337 Lovett Road
5655 Mapleton Dr
McClelland Ct.
Menlo at Magnolia Wood
Milldale @ Chaney
Milldale @ Neff Lane
15610 Milldale Rd
2815 Monte Sano
5323 Moss Side Ln
N 23rd St
12345 N Englewood St
N. Foster Dr.
9600 N. Ridgewood
12411 Oak Hills Pkwy N
14500 Old Hammond
9000-9600 Old Hammond
Old Hammond at Millerville
Old Perkins Rd.
Old Wax between Durmast and Greenwell Springs
4720 Orchid St
7373 Perkins
Perkins and Silverside
Perkins and West Essen
7500 Perkins at Starring
Perkins Rd. exit Ramp
Pettit @ Plank
3855 Piper Rd
Pomona Dr East
12833 Port Hudson Pride at Cook Rd
8200 Prescott
Prescott at Plank
5500 Prescott Rd
Reams @ Jackson
3544 Redland Dr
401 Richland Ave
812 S Eugene
S. 17th @ Laman St
1800 S. Acadian and Hundred Oaks
12400 S. Harrells Ferry
S. River Oaks Dr.
S. Tiger Bend
1716 Saul Ave.
9000 Scotland Ave at Oriole
6733 Seven Oaks
Shada and Casper
2700 Shada Ave
1342 Sharp Ln
Sharp Ln.
1236 Sharp Ln.
Sherwood Forest Blvd.
6454 Siegen Lane
9600 South Tiger Bend
Spanish Town at N. 6th
705 St Joseph Street
23240 Sunnyside Ln
7400 Sussex near 75th
Sycamore St.
Tennessee at Buchanan
16000 Tiger Bend
16762 Tiger Bend Rd
22691 Tucker
2572 Valley St
Velie and Monarch
Voss at Frey
W. Lakeview @ Hillview
W. McKinley @ Vermont St.
500 W. McKinnley
3246 Washington St
West I-10 at Perkins
Westdale Dr.
10300 White Oak
1500 Wild Valley
Winnabago @ Uncas
Winnabago @ Uncas
Woodlake Dr.
2847 Yorktown Dr

There are no road closures at this time.

Sand and Sandbags
Facility NameAddressSandSandbags
5621 Greenwell Springs, Baton RougeYesNo
545 Lobdell, Baton RougeYesNo
555 Government, Baton RougeYesNo
835 Sharp, Baton RougeYesNo
4121 Harding, Baton RougeYesNo
3150 Brightside, Baton RougeYesNo
11010 Coursey, Baton RougeYesNo
674 Old Rafe Mayer, Baton RougeYesNo
11420 Plank Road, Baton RougeYesNo
11646 Sullivan, Baton RougeYesNo
4864 Monticello, Baton RougeYesNo
22790 Reames, ZacharyNoYes
20920 Carson, Baton RougeNoYes
13686 Perkins, Baton RougeYesNo
15094 Old Hammond, Baton RougeYesNo
7878 Prescott, Baton RougeNoYes
7027 Antioch, Baton RougeYesNo
10626 Lovett, Baton RougeYesYes

Facility NameAddress
Test Shelter3773 Harding Blvd, Baton Rouge

There are no open emergency shelters at this time.

Government Closures
Office NameReopen Date
Baton Rouge City Offices04/19/2016

There are no government closures at this time.

School Closures
School NameReopen Date
Baton Rouge Public Schools01/01/1900
Central Schools01/01/1900
Zachary Schools

There are no school closures at this time.

Service Cancellations
Service NameReopen Date
Allied Waste04/16/2019

There are no service cancellations at this time.

Helpful Links to Emergency Information
American Red Cross
Flight Information at Baton Rouge
Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
Hotel Availability Information
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
Louisiana District of the USGS (River Stages)
Louisiana State Police Emergency Page
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service
Traffic Information

Helpful Phone Numbers
Emergency calls should be made first to
East Baton Rouge Parish Emergency # 911
American Red Cross (866) 438-4636 (1-866-GET-INFO)
Animal Control Services   (225) 774-7700
Baton Rouge City Police (225) 389-3831
Baton Rouge Fire Department (225) 354-1400
Baton Rouge Shelters   1-866-GET-INFO (438-4636)
City of Baker (225) 778-0300
City of Central (225) 262-5000
City of Zachary (225) 654-0026
DEMCO   (225) 261-1160 (Power Outages)
Department of Public Works (225) 389-3158
Emergency Medical Services (225) 389-3300
Entergy   1-800-9OUTAGE
Gouging Complaints (Atty. General)   1-800-488-2770
Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness   (225) 925-7500
Mayor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (225) 389-2100
Sheriff's Office (225) 389-5000
Special Needs Shelter Hotline   1-800-349-1372
State Police: Alabama   (334) 242-4378
State Police: Louisiana (Road Closures)   1-800-469-4828
State Police: Louisiana (Troop A) (225) 754-8500
State Police: Mississippi   (601) 987-1430
U.S. Geological Survey (225) 389-0281
24Hour Flight Information:  
  American Airlines   1-800-223-5436
  Continental Airlines   1-800-784-4444
  Delta Airlines   1-800-325-1999
  Northwest Airlines   1-800-441-1818