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Workforce Investment Act Area SDA 21

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PY11 Workforce Investment Plan
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Workforce Investment Act

Louisiana Workforce Investment Act #21
Workforce Investment Act's mission is to prepare customers for the workforce through employment and training services

Workforce Investment Act's
Inaugural Issue of Initiatives

Presentation of Services and Programs
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On August 7, 1998…The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was signed into law. It reformed federal job training programs and created a new, extensive workforce investment system.

The reformed system is intended to be customer-focused in order to assist individuals accessing information and services needed to manage their careers while at the same time helping businesses locate skilled workers.

The Goal of the Act… is to increase employment, retention, and earnings of customers. In doing so, the quality of the workforce will improve such that economic growth will be sustained, productivity and competitiveness will be enhanced, and welfare dependency will be reduced.

A One Stop System… as an integral part of the Workforce Development System, the Baton Rouge Career Center-One Stop Shop is designed to provide integration of workforce development services to insure a seamless service environment for our customers both employers and job seekers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WIA stand for?
WIA stands for Workforce Investment Act.

What do I have to do to qualify for the WIA Program?
Attend orientation and schedule an eligibility appointment with a Career Development Specialist.

Will WIA pay for me to go to a training I am already enrolled in?
No. You must complete the required eligibility, assessment and enrollment procedures prior to qualifying for funding.

What does the WIA orientation consist of?
Orientation provides information about the programs funded by WIA and the procedures for qualifying for funding.

Do you have to be low income to qualify for the WIA program?
No. There are several funding sources available and different qualifications apply accordingly.

Do I get paid while I go to school?
While in school, enrollees receive a training incentive based on the funding source and the availability of funds.

What kind of job can I get through the WIA program?
The kinds of jobs available depend on the need of the employers in the area at the time of inquiry. We also work closely with other agencies to offer as many opportunities, as possible.

Will WIA pay for me to go to any school I choose to attend?
No. WIA can only fund training at a school where a contract has been entered into with the local Workforce Investment Board.

What is the One Stop Career Center?
A One Stop Career Center is a program that allows interested citizens to acquire information about several programs in one location.

Where is the WIA Program/One Stop Career Center located?
There are two office locations in the Baton Rouge area at 4523 Plank Road, and 1991 Wooddale Boulevard.