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Purchasing Department
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Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): - or SSN: --

*Note: Vendor must have a Federal EIN or provide social security number to be eligible to bid.

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Business Structure: Check all that Apply
Joint Venture
Sole Proprietorship
Limited Liability Company

Type of Business: Check all that Apply
Maintenance and Construction Services
Technical and Professional Services
Mfgr/Wholesale/Retail Sales
Other Services (please specify)

Brief description of goods/services offered:

Business Ownership: Check only if it applies
Asian American
African American
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Is your company currently a certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) with any other company or organization i.e. DOTD? If so, please list below:

Registrations: If your business possesses the following registrations, give registration numbers.
Yes   No     Louisiana State Sales Tax Number
Yes   No     Louisiana State Contractor's License No.
Yes   No     East Baton Rouge Occupational License
Yes   No     East Baton Rouge Sales Tax Number

Date Established (MM/DD/YYYY): / /
Number of Full Time Employees:

Are you, any member of your firm, or any close relative including major stockholders, employed by the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Government?
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*If yes, list names, relationships to your firm and City-Parish Department / Division where employed.



Commodity Enrollment (required)
Vendors must enroll in at least (1) commodity class-subclass; however, may enroll in as many, as necessary. Enrollment into one (1) class to be included into all subclasses is NOT allowed.

Please fill out the 'Commodity Class-Subclass Enrollment' fields at the bottom of the page.

The City Parish Commodity Code list is accessible electronically at our website:

Vendors without internet service may visit any local library or university offering free public access to the internet, or may visit the Purchasing office to manually review the Commodity Code list.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Vendor shall exercise reasonable care and diligence to prevent any actions or conditions, which could result in a conflict with the best interests of City-Parish Government. This obligation shall apply to the activities of the employees and agents of Vendors in their relations with the employees and their families of owner, vendors, subcontractors, and third parties arising from contracts or purchase orders for furnishing goods or services to the City-Parish government. Contractor's efforts shall include but not be limited to, establishing precautions to prevent its employees from making, receiving, providing, or offering gifts, entertainment, payments, loans, or other considerations of more than nominal value.

BUSINESS ETHICS Vendor agrees to comply with all laws and lawful regulations applicable to any activities carried out in the name of or on behalf of the City-Parish government under the provision of City-Parish contracts or purchase orders including any amendments thereto. Vendor agrees that all financial settlements, billings and reports rendered to the City-Parish government, will reflect properly the facts about all activities and transactions handled for the account of the City-Parish government, which data may be relied upon as being complete and accurate in any further recording and reporting made by the City-Parish government for whatever purpose.

Further, company authorization should be obtained before completing this application.  The Purchasing Director should be notified of any changes that would affect the statements made in this document.

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Commodity Enrollment

Please enter the Class AND Subclass Numbers below for those goods and / or services for which you wish to be considered.

Class Subclass
Class Subclass

For security purposes please type the numbers and decimals exactly how it appears in the box above.

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