The Planning Commission has posted maps displaying Land Development Trends on the LDAST website. The purpose of this data presentation is to provide a geographic representation of development patterns and trends within East Baton Rouge Parish. This allows citizens to quickly analyze where development is generally occurring and where it might be most likely to occur in the near future. The development trend maps are plotted using quarterly permit and occupational license data from internal City-Parish sources.

Permits are issued when new buildings are constructed, when existing buildings are renovated or remodeled, or when existing buildings are prepared for occupancy. The City-Parish issues permits for both residential and commercial structures. Occupational licenses are issued when a new business registers with the City-Parish for sales tax collection purposes. These actions constitute the best available measures of development activity in the Parish.

Development trends are plotted using information obtained from development permits issued by the Department of Public Works (DPW) and occupational licenses issued by the Department of Finance.

These data are geographically plotted via address geocoding using GeoMedia Professional GIS software. The geocoded points are then analyzed by utilizing a density interpolation tool in GeoMedia Grid. This analysis produces a graphical “heat map” which constitutes the final displayed product. As with any heat map, red shading constitutes areas of higher activity concentrations while blue shading constitutes areas with little to no activity.