The Planning Commission has posted maps displaying Planning and Zoning case histories on the LDAST website. The purpose of this data presentation is to provide a geographic representation of development patterns and trends within East Baton Rouge Parish based on the location of planning and zoning cases that are considered by the Planning Commission at its monthly meetings. This allows citizens to quickly analyze where development has occurred during the past year.

Planning Commission public hearings are necessary for approval of rezoning; subdivisions with more than five lots; small subdivisions for which waivers are requested; other types of waivers including signage, parking, paving, and conditional use permits; large-scale site plans; planned unit development concept and final development plans; wireless tower approvals; public right-of-way revocations; street re-namings; and demolition permits within the Downtown Development District. These cases are categorized into two types: zoning and planning. Zoning cases effect changes or revisions to zoning districts, and planning cases include all other non-zoning items considered by the Planning Commission.

These data are digitized as point features using GeoMedia Professional GIS software. The points are then analyzed by utilizing a density interpolation tool in GeoMedia Grid. This analysis produces a graphical “heat map” which constitutes the final displayed product. As with any heat map, red shading constitutes areas of higher activity concentrations while blue shading constitutes areas with little to no activity.