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Application Tracking System Public Interface

The Planning Commission administers the Land Development Applications for the City-Parish. Applications range from changes in zoning and land use to subdivision final plats and site plan approval. The Application Tracking System (ATS) has been designed to manage the applications from the date of receipt to the day the case folder is scanned and archived. When an application is accepted a receipt number and case number are generated. These two numbers become the identifiers throughout the entire tracking process. Each time a step of the process is completed, a planner checks-off the item in the tracking system.

The Planning Commission has made it possible for the public to view status reports of land development applications via the Internet. A user may search for a particular case number and has the ability to save or print the document. Please follow the instructions below for retrieving status reports.

Application Type:
Year of Receipt:          Case Number (accepts partial numbers):    

The following application receipts were found with a Case Number matching "". Detailed status reports are available for completed applications or applications that are active. Status reports may be retrieved by clicking on the Receipt Number link. “Pending” applications are those that have been received by the Planning Commission, but processing has not yet begun. Please check back regularly for an updated status on pending applications.

Displaying Records 1 - 20 of 3019.
Status Case No. Receipt Number Receipt Date Customer
 Pending  EOP-20-15 48301 3/27/2015 Phillip J. Thomas
 Pending  SS-20-15 48296 3/25/2015 Baton Rouge Land Surveying, Inc.
 Pending  SS-19-15 48294 3/25/2015 Adam Wolfe Washaur
 Pending  SS-18-15 48292 3/24/2015 LAND SOURCE
 Pending  EOP-19-15 48290 3/24/2015 Capital Heights Veterinary Clinic
 Pending  SS-17-15 48286 3/20/2015 Troy N Bibbins SR
 Pending  EOP-18-15 48285 3/20/2015 Ted or Constance Hicks
 Pending  SS-16-15 48284 3/20/2015 Landsource, Inc
 Pending  HPC-4-15 48282 3/20/2015 655 North Street Limited Parnership dba CATHOLIC PRESBYTERIAN APTS.
 Pending  TND-1-07 48281 3/18/2015 2590 Associates, LLC
 Pending  HPC-3-15 48274 3/16/2015 Jean Carter
 Pending  EOP-17-15 48272 3/13/2015 Landsource
 Pending  EOP-16-15 48270 3/12/2015 Landsource, Inc
 Pending  PUD-9-15 48267 3/11/2015 Highland Club Apts. LLC Rental Trust Acct.
 Pending  PUD-9-15 48265 3/11/2015 Highland Club Apts. LLC Rental Trust Acct.
 Pending  PUD-3-08 48261 3/11/2015 Duplantis Design Group, PC
 Pending  HPC-2-15 48260 3/10/2015 Jean Shaw
 Pending  PK-1-15 48257 3/9/2015 William Warren
 In-Process  SS-15-1548256 3/9/2015 John Gary Chaney
 In-Process  SS-14-1548254 3/9/2015 Phillip Thomas