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Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control and Gaming Enforcement
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Pretrial Diversion
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Parish Attorney's Division Summary

Saint Louis Street, 9th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802  (225) 389-3114

The Parish Attorney is appointed by the Metropolitan Council to render legal advice to all departments, offices and agencies of the City-Parish Government. The Parish Attorney's Office represents the City, the Parish, and special districts in all litigation; renders legal opinions; approves all bonds, leases, contracts and other instruments to which the City-Parish is a party; prepares all ordinances and resolutions and renders all other legal advice that may be required or necessary.

Alcoholic Beverage Control and Gaming Enforcement Division Click to view
10500 Coursey Boulevard, Suite 202
Baton Rouge, LA 70816  (225) 389-3364

The ABC Division of the Parish Attorney's Office is broken down into two sections. The first section, the Office of Alcohol Beverage Control was created by the City and Parish ordinances to license and regulate all businesses and individuals in East Baton Rouge Parish (excluding the city limits of Baker and Zachary) who sell, serve or dispense alcoholic beverages. Assistance is also rendered to the Revenue Office in the collection of delinquent sales taxes and/or occupational license taxes. The second section, the Gaming Enforcement Division for the City of Baton Rouge and the Parish of East Baton Rouge is responsible for enforcing the Metropolitan Council Gaming Ordinance and administering guidelines and regulations relative to the playing of charitable bingo by licensed organizations. Funding for the Gaming Enforcement Section is accounted for in a special revenue fund.

City Prosecutor's Division
233 Saint Louis Street, 2nd Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802  (225) 389-3119

The City Prosecutor Division of the Parish Attorney's Office is responsible for the prosecution of all criminal and traffic violations of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Baton Rouge.

Investigations Division
10500 Coursey Boulevard, Suite 205
Baton Rouge, LA 70816  (225) 389-8730

The Investigations Division of the Parish Attorney's Office is responsible for the following:

  • monitoring daily the boarding records of the riverboat casinos;
  • investigating civil cases for the Parish Attorney's Office including surveillance and obtaining accident reports, etc.;
  • investigating claims for the Risk Management Division; and
  • providing building security for City Hall;
Legal Services

This non-department budget was created to pay for authorized services for outside contract attorneys in matters involving the City-Parish, such as labor relations and mineral, oil and gas work. These funds are also used to obtain private counsel in matters involving sales tax.

Legislative Division

The Legislative Division of the Parish Attorney's Office coordinates legislative activities and advises the Mayor and Metropolitan Council on the impact of proposed legislation.

Pretrial Diversion Click to view
233 Saint Louis Street, 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802  (225) 389-8579

Pretrial Diversion of the Parish Attorney's Office is designed to divert offenders from the judicial process and to help cut down on the overcrowding of jails by not having to house the first offenders. They place these individuals in a rehabilitative program that aids in reducing the recidivism rate.

Risk Management Click to view
10500 Coursey Boulevard, Suite 201
Baton Rouge, LA 70816  (225) 389-3267

The Risk Management Division of the Parish Attorney's Office was officially created in January 2007. The Risk Management Division is charged with evaluating all exposures to loss for the City-Parish and is responsible for administering the city’s totally self-funded/insured program for general, police and automobile liability, as well as workers’ compensation.

The Division is broken down into three sections including Risk, Workers’ Compensation and Safety.