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Parish Attorney Pretrial Traffic Diversion Program
Frequently Asked Questions
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The East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Office
has partnered with
to provide an online traffic school for drivers who have received an eligible moving violation and who are at least 17 years of age and who have not completed the course within the last 24 months.

Please see below for some Frequently Asked Questions
regarding this new program.

Why would I want to take online traffic school?
Upon successful completion of the online course, your moving violation will be reduced to a non-moving violation which may keep your auto insurance rates from increasing and you will avoid having to make a personal court appearance with potential lengthy delays.

How does the course work?
The course is entirely online and may be completed in as many sessions as necessary, from any computer, tablet or mobile phone device with internet access. You must complete the course within 30 days of registering and at least 10 days before your court due date. If you do not successfully complete the online course prior to 10 days before your court due date, you must still go to court on the assigned court date. If you fail to complete the course timely and fail to appear in court on the assigned court date, then a warrant for your arrest may issue. To have this warrant recalled, you must appear in court before a Judge.

How do I know if I’m eligible to take the Online Traffic School course?
Drivers who were ticketed by the Baton Rouge City police and who have been given a court date at the Baton Rouge City Court and who are least 17 years of age may take the online traffic school course once every 24 months to change a single-eligible moving violation to a non-moving violation. To find out if your moving violation is eligible, visit External web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge and click “Register Now.” You will be prompted to enter your personal and moving violation information. Once you submit this information, you will be told if you are eligible to attend online traffic school. If you have any additional questions about the eligibility of your moving violation, please contact the Parish Attorney’s Pretrial Diversion Division at 225-389-5440.

Do I still have to pay the moving violation fine if I take the online traffic school course?
Yes, the cost for any other accompanying citations that the pretrial participant wishes to pay through our traffic diversion has also been increased as follows: 

$144 for moving violations and,

$124 for non-moving violations. course fee = $15 + $.46 shipping  

Once you have successfully completed the online traffic school course, is also required to collect the following amounts on behalf of the City-Parish and City Court before we can send your verification of course completion:

City-Parish fee = $50*

Baton Rouge City Court fine and costs = $124*

Secondary Violation(s) fee(s) = TBD

*6% processing fee + $1.00 transaction fee 

If you have more than one moving violation on the same ticket, you may only select one (1) to change to a non-moving violation. You will be required to pay the full fine amount for all other moving violations and, by paying the fines, you are entering a guilty plea for those charges. Additionally, if you have non-moving violations associated with your ticket, you will also be required to pay those amounts.

What happens if I register for the online course but fail the course or don’t finish the course in the required amount of time?
If you fail the course and do not re-enroll within 24 hours or fail to successfully complete the course within the required amount of time, your original charges on your ticket will remain pending with the Court and you are required to appear in court on your scheduled court date. Failure to appear on that court date may result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. To have this warrant recalled, you must appear in court before a Judge.

Will I get a certificate of completion once I pass the online traffic school course?
Yes. Once you pass the online traffic school course and pay all amounts associated with your ticket, will notify the Baton Rouge City Court directly of your completion. Verification of your completion will be provided to the Parish Attorney’s Pretrial Diversion Division. You will additionally have the option to order a copy of your certificate for your records.

What if I start the course and want to request a refund?
Once you have accessed the traffic school course materials online, you are not eligible to receive a refund of the course fee.