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Local Emergency Planning Committee Bylaws

Local Emergecny Planning Committee Logo

Meetings Dates 2009 Projects About LEPC Bylaws

The name of this committee shall be the East Baton Rouge Parish Local Emergency Planning Committee, hereinafter referred to as the "LEPC."

ARTICLE II - Purpose
The LEPC has been established pursuant to Section 301(c) of Public Law 99-499, the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986. The responsibilities of the LEPC are:

  • Develop and maintain up-to-date plan for hazardous material accidents,

  • Collect and store  information from regulated facilities regarding hazardous materials stored, manufactured or used,

  • Identify people and equipment resources for responding to hazardous materials accidents,

  • Make the above information available to the public on request,

  • Provide the public education on emergency preparedness for hazardous materials accidents,

  • An annual full scale exercise will be conducted,

  • All Hazards.

ARTICLE III - Membership
The LEPC shall consist of the following members:

  • Mayor or his/her designated representative,

  • Metro-Council representative,

  • Fire Department representative(s),

  • Law Enforcement representative(s),

  • Emergency Management or Civil Defense representative(s),

  • Environmental Agency representative(s),

  • Health Department representative

  • Hospital, Emergency medical Service, Medical Community representative(s),

  • Transportation Agency representative(s),

  • Industry representative(s),

  • Community Group representative(s),

  • Public Information representative,

  • Communications representative(s),

  • Media representative,

  • State elected representative,

  • Federal representative(s),

  • Maritime representative(s)   

ARTICLE IV - Alternate Members
Each member may designate an alternate to assume his or her duties and position on the LEPC in his or her absence. The alternate may vote only in the absence of the member.

ARTICLE V - Officers

  1. The Chairperson shall be appointed by the mayor and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.

  2. The LEPC shall elect by a majority vote other officers as deemed necessary to conduct business who will serve at the pleasure of the LEPC.

  3. The Chairperson shall preside at meetings of the LEPC, appoint such standing and special committees as needed to conduct the business of the LEPC, serve as spokesperson for the LEPC, and shall keep a true record of the proceedings of all meetings of the LEPC.

  4. The powers and duties of other officers shall be determined by the LEPC.

ARTICLE VI - Membership Vacancies
Vacancies on the LEPC shall be filled by a nomination from a current member followed by majority vote at any regular scheduled meeting.

ARTICLE VII - Termination of Membership
Membership on the LEPC may be terminated by:

  • Request to resign by a current member to the LEPC Chairperson in written or oral form.
  • Request to terminate the membership of an LEPC member by another member at a regular scheduled meeting if the motion is seconded and a majority vote concurs.

ARTICLE VIII - Conduct of Meetings

  1. The LEPC shall meet as often, as is necessary to conduct its business, and in no event less often than twice per quarter.
  2. The LEPC shall conduct no business in the absence of a quorum of its members present, a quorum being a majority of the membership. In the event that a quorum is not present, informational sessions may be conducted.
  3. The LEPC shall conduct its business by means of motions duly adopted by a majority of the membership.
  4. Except as otherwise provided in these bylaws, the LEPC shall conduct its business in accordance with Robertís Rules of Order.

ARTICLE IX - Amendments
These bylaws may be amended or replaced by a majority vote of the members at any regular meeting.