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Sponsor Guide for the Volunteer Housing Repair Program
1. This program provides materials and supplies to assist minor housing repair projects that are undertaken by volunteers who perform the repair work on behalf of community organization, called the Sponsor or Sponsoring Organization.
2. The Sponsor is responsible for securing all volunteer labor in support of the repair work. Volunteer skills must be adequate for the type(s)of repairs that are to be undertaken. The Office of Community Development (OCD) may decline to participate in a project if it determines that the number of volunteers and/or skills needed for the repairs are not adequate to satisfactorily undertake and complete the repair project.
3. The Sponsor selects the persons to which it wishes to offer volunteer repair services. Assistance through the Volunteer Repair Program (VRP) is conditioned upon the Sponsor's selections being determined eligible under OCD guidelines. No VRP assistance is made available except upon OCD determination that the selected participant meets eligibility guidelines and that the repairs are appropriate and can be satisfactorily completed.
4. Materials and supplies provided by VRP are provided to the applicant, not the Sponsoring Organization, on condition that the applicant agrees to the specific repairs being performed by volunteers of the Sponsor. The materials-supplies are provided at no cost to the applicant.
5. Any equipment, supplies, materials that are not provided by the VRP, and necessary to the satisfactory completion of the repairs, are the Sponsor's sole expense.
6. All VRP assisted materials-supplies must be purchased by OCD. There is no reimbursement to the applicant nor Sponsor for any materials-supplies that are otherwise acquired.
7. The Sponsor, its officers, employees, and agents agree that it/they act in an independent capacity during the performance of the repairs, and not as officers, employees or agents of the City-Parish. Neither the Sponsor nor City-Parish shall have authority to contract for on behalf of, or incur obligations on behalf of the other party.
8. Nothing in the performance of the volunteer repairs nor in the provision of materials- supplies under the VRP shall make any volunteer or other representative of the Sponsor, or any other person, an employee of the City-Parish, its subdivisions or any part thereof. Nor shall such person become a civil service employee by reason of such relationship.
9. The Sponsor shall cause proper supervision to be maintained of all volunteers performing repairs in connection with this program. No VRP-assisted properties are to be entered except upon the express consent of the property owner and Sponsor supervision.
10. The Sponsor agrees to remove all construction trash and debris from the property immediately following the repair work.
11. Following completion of the volunteer repairs, the repair work will be inspected by OCD to determine that materials were satisfactorily installed. In the event that any significant defects in the repair work are identified, the Sponsor will be notified and is expected to make reasonable, best efforts to correct those construction defects.
12. Volunteer repair work is not warranted to the participant by OCD. Materials-supplies convey such warranties as are provided by the manufacturer, subject to their proper use and installation per manufacturer's requirements. In the event that defective materials- supplies are found during the performance of the repair work, the Sponsor is to notify OCD, which will make reasonable efforts to replace such material.
13. In the event that painting is involved with the repair work, the Sponsor agrees to properly prepare the surfaces, prior to the paint being installed. Selection of colors and paint types are restricted to those available through OCD's suppliers and in accordance with OCD's selection guidelines. Those guidelines provide that participants are allowed to select up to a certain number of colors, must sign for the color selections prior to OCD's purchase, and may not alter the selections after the paint has been purchased.
14. Any unused materials-supplies are to be returned to OCD following the completion of the repair. The Sponsor is to notify OCD of any such unused material. OCD will arrange for pick up of the items from the property. Partly used materials may be retained by the homeowner if they do not constitute otherwise useable material for OCD, e.g., partially used paint cans.
15. OCD will deliver the materials to the project site prior to the starting date of the volunteer repair. The Sponsor is required to establish, with the participant, the starting date for repairs, and to provide OCD with sufficient advance notification so as to enable the ordering and delivery of materials. No materials will be delivered until a start-of-repair date has been established. As a general rule, at least three working days' advance notice to OCD is necessary.
16. Income and related applicant/participant information obtained by OCD is considered confidential and will not be shared with the Sponsor, except upon the express written authorization of the applicant. 
17. As a condition to accepting VRP assistance, the participant is required to sign a statement agreeing to hold the City-Parish and the Sponsoring Organization free and harmless from any liability.
18. The proposed repairs will be reviewed by OCD, at the property, prior to any provision of materials and supplies. Sponsors are required to provide a written list of the proposed repairs. To the extent possible, Sponsors are requested to provide a planned materials- supplies list for the proposed repairs, and to indicate the number of persons expected to perform work on the property. OCD will review the materials list in order to determine whether any adjustments may be needed as to quantities, types of materials, or additional material that is not listed. OCD will also review the materials list to determine whether any needed items are not available under the VRP and, if so, will so notify the Sponsor.
19. Types of repairs that may be assisted: Minor carpentry that does not require a building permit, handicapped/frail elderly adaptations, roofing repair, deferred maintenance repairs.
20. Types of repairs that are not assisted: Those requiring a building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical permit, unless performed under the supervision of an appropriately licensed tradesman and pursuant to the applicable permit. The cost of permits is not funded under the VRP.
21. Types of materials that can be provided: Consumable materials and supplies necessary to undertaking the planned repair work. Examples include, but not necessarily exclusively, lumber, nails, roofing, some replacement fixtures/parts, brushes, drop cloths, cleaning supplies.
22. The VRP does not provide tools--neither hand nor power tools, ladders, appliances/equipment.
23. In participating with the VRP program, the Sponsor agrees that the work place will be free from illegal use, possession, or distribution of drugs or alcohol. The Sponsor will make good faith efforts to assure that its representatives and volunteers will neither consume on the participant's premises nor bring onto participant premises any alcoholic beverages or illegal substances.
24. In the event that illegal use of drugs or possession of same is found at the repair property and/or being used by any household members of the property, Sponsor agrees to promptly stop the repairs, depart the project site and notify OCD.
25. Sponsor agrees that it's selection and referral of applicants/participants and the performance of volunteer repairs shall be nondiscriminatory as to race, color, national origin, religion, sex or familial status. All services and facilities of the Sponsor involved with the VRP shall be maintained such that any under its control shall be nonsegregated.