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First Time Homebuyer Courses
Homebuyer Training Program
The Mid City Redevelopment Alliance’s
Home Ownership Center

What is the Home Ownership Center?

The Home Ownership Center (HOC) is a community resource that provides a comprehensive learning workshop as well as counseling for people who wish to own their own home. Primarily intended for low- to moderate-income families, HOC is an organization that provides homebuyer services free of charge. A program of the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, the HOC is staffed by professionals who offer assistance to those who dream of owning their own home. The mission of the HOC is grounded in the belief that homeownership raises self-esteem, instills a sense of pride and confidence, and encourages active involvement in the growth and development of communities.

What services are offered at the Center?

The HOC offers five tracks of service for clients:

Track One – Homebuyer Readiness Training

Qualified counselors work with potential homebuyers to develop a plan of action toward their goal of homeownership. If credit problems are an issue, one of our counselors will assist in correcting those issues and preparing applicants for enrollment in our Homebuyer Training Program. Readiness Training includes:

  • Creating a budget that helps applicants set money aside for the purchase of a home
  • Contacting creditors about disputed collections accounts
  • Assistance with managing money

Some applicants can settle their credit challenges within a few months while others may take a few years. Ultimately, the HOC believes that owning a home is within the reach of over 60% of the U.S. population. The HOC works to keep applicants motivated and provides them with the tools they need to become homeowners.

Track Two – Homebuyer Training Program

A 15-hour group of comprehensive courses covering the basics of buying a home with classes on:

  • Fair housing laws
  • Consumer credit
  • Shopping for a home
  • The mortgage process
  • The closing process
  • Home insurance
  • Home maintenance

Seminars are held each month at one of two locations in the mid city region. Each course is taught by professionals who generously donate their time and resources in order to prepare potential homebuyers for the challenges ahead.

Once an applicant’s credit report indicates they are ready to purchase a home, they can meet with a mortgage loan professional to discuss their home buying plans and options. Following this, the applicant will be enrolled in the courses. Upon completion of seminar, applicants will receive a certificate that will help them apply for home buying financial assistance through the city-parish. The certificate may also be used by those lenders who require it.

Track Three – Home Purchasing

The Mid City Real Estate Agency (MCREA) was created to market and sell the affordable homes constructed and rehabilitated by MCRA. MCREA also assists clients of the HOC in finding homes to purchase through a unique referral partnership with five real estate firms.

Track Four – Financial Education

Whether or not our clients purchase a home, financial education is critical to the growth and prosperity of a community. And sooner or later, owning a home is the largest investment many will make. The HOC offers courses on money and credit management, as well as its relationship to home buying, before and after the purchase. With the help of our many partners, our staff speaks to civic organizations, realtor groups, school-parent groups, locals schools, teen organizations and employers throughout the year to increase financial literacy in the community.

Track Five – Foreclosure Prevention

Since the challenges of homeownership continue long after acquiring a home, the HOC also offers training on how to maintain the new home, manage their new budget, and avoid foreclosure. Many new homeowners underestimate the responsibilities of owning a home and can find themselves in need of delinquent mortgage assistance. A critical component of the post-purchase program is the one-on-one delinquent mortgage counseling session offered by the HOC staff. These counseling services are free and available to the public and especially HOC clients.

How do I get started?

Applications are available at the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance (MCRA) located at 419 North 19th Street, or through the MCRA web site.  Once completed, applications are to be either mailed back to or dropped off at the MCRA. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am till 5:00pm. A counselor will set up an appointment with each applicant on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please contact us at 225-346-1000, or Redevelopment AllianceExternal web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge

Home Ownership Center Events

Mid City on Parade

The Mid City Redevelopment Alliance also sponsors this annual tour of affordable homes currently for sale in the Mid City region. The event is held in conjunction with an affordable housing fair with presentations by various local lenders. Mid City on Parade has helped MCRA promote the numerous incentives available for buyers interested in purchasing a home in the heart of Baton Rouge.

Homebuyer Readiness Workshops

Presented once a month at the Baton Rouge General Medical Center-Mid City, these workshops are open to those applicants who qualify.

Homebuyer Training Classes

Presented five days each month at either the Baton Rouge General Medical Center-Mid City or the Baton Rouge Housing Authority, this 15-hour series of classes is open to those applicants who qualify.