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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center

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BRBAC's Metro Health
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Pearl George
Senior Citizens Center

Programs and Services

Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Community Center
Programs and Services


BRBAC's Metro Health Education
BRBAC's Metro Health Education is a social services organization that provides quality health care for the entire family.

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Gulf South Area Employment
4000 Gus Young Avenue
(225) 931-6806
Gulf South Area Employment provides community based employment for individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

Resume development,

Completing job application,

On-the-job training,

Identifying skills, interest and support needs

Touring prospective jobs

Pearl George Senior Center
Seniors are welcome to visit the Pearl George facility during the specified times other activities will be implemented (ex tax services, bingo, computer activities and arts and crafts).

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Social Services
The Office of Social Services provides a variety of human and economic development services and activities to low income individuals and families. The purpose of these services and activities is to increase the capabilities of individuals and families to become self-sufficient, to revitalize the community and to empower children, youth, and their families. The Office of Social Services accepts zip codes 70802, 70805, and 70806. 

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