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Special Services Division

Mechanic Shop | Fire Equipment Technician
Building Maintenance Shop | Supply Room

The Special Services Division is responsible for coordinating the activities and record keeping of the Mechanic Shop, the Supply Room, the Building Maintenance Shop, and the Fire Equipment Technician. This division keeps the Fire Department “running” physically. This division also acts as a liaison between the Baton Rouge Fire Department and all East Baton Rouge Parish Volunteer Fire Departments.

Responsibilities for each section of the Special Services Division are listed as follows:

Mechanic Shop

Responsible for maintaining all firefighting apparatus, vehicles and equipment; performs maintenance and upkeep of Fire Department vehicles and firefighting apparatus; maintains adequate parts supply and records necessary for the proper utilization of this shop. This division performed the following during 2002:

Safety Inspections-81
Maintenance to Autos, Vans, Pickups
Maintenance to Engine/Aerial Trucks-296
Preventive Maintenance and Oil Changes-183
Lawnmower, Generator, Saw Repairs-32 
Aerial Ladder Tests-10

Fire Equipment Technician

Responsible for the regular visual inspection of all ground ladders used for rescue, firefighting operations, and training; performs repairs of fire department nozzles, including turbo-jet nozzle assemblies and straight stream nozzle assemblies; disassembles equipment, repairs or replaces damaged parts and tests equipment to make certain it functions properly; responsible for issuing or repairing firefighting hose and conducting flow tests on, or, if necessary, repairing of all self-contained breathing apparatus; responsible for the upkeep of all tools and equipment necessary to perform assigned maintenance and repair; maintains storage of replacement parts.

Building Maintenance Shop

Responsible for such maintenance and upkeep projects as painting, floor installation, cabinet and locker repair and construction, furniture repair, door and window glass replacement, overhead door adjustments, roof repairs, and plumbing, heating and air conditioning repair. Approximately 853 repairs to various fire department buildings and fire stations were completed in 2002.

Supply Room

Responsible for storekeeping, proper receipt, storage, distribution, and issuance of the materials and supplies for the Baton Rouge Fire Department.