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Fire Prevention Division

Saving lives and property through code enforcement and education

"Meet Patches"
        be Fire Smart...

Patches travels to local schools and is most helpful in educating our youth in fire prevention and safety.

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[ About the Fire Prevention Committee ]

It is the duty of the Fire Prevention Division to "prevent” incidents that require the response of our fire suppression personnel. It is the job and responsibility of this division to enforce fire codes and regulations, inspect and abate existing and potential fire hazards, and to recommend fire prevention standards. This makes the job of a firefighter a lot easier.

“Fire Safety House” imageThe Fire Prevention Division also conducts year-round public education programs for the general public, schools, hospitals, industry, business, and civic and fraternal organizations. This division makes use of its Fire Safety House that is a very valuable fire safety educational tool. It is a vital tool in teaching children, as well as adults, the importance of fire safety in the home. In addition to the Fire Safety House, we also have "Patches." Patches is our fire dog robot used in safety presentations to your children.

During 2004, through the efforts of our Fire Prevention Chief, Assistant Fire Prevention Chief, and our Fire Inspectors, the Fire Prevention Division has been very productive in educating the general public in fire safety.

Fire Prevention Inspection Activities  

Occupancies 1,268
New Construction/Remodeling 425
Regular Inspections 16,645
Re-Inspections 1,750








Miscellaneous Inspections
Burning 9
Call-out 12
Fire Alarm 39
Fireworks 6
Hood Systems 45
Night Inspection 24
Pre-Construction 48
Pyro 2
Sprinkler 44
Suppression 1
Miscellaneous/Other 271
TOTAL 20,740
Notices Served 661
Notices Corrected