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Baton Rouge's Finest

Engine #15 is our newest pumper. It is housed at Station 15 located at 3150 Brightside Lane. Station 15 is located on the southwest side of Nicholson Drive and south of the LSU campus. Station 15 responds in and around Riverbend Subdivision, as well as, all student apartments to the south of the LSU campus. New Engine #15 replaces an older model.

Aerial #6 (Year 2000) 100 ft. Aerial Truck made by Freightliner stationed at Fire Station #13 located at 835 Sharp Road.

Engine #14 (Year 1996) Freightliner stationed at 4121 Harding Boulevard.


Hazardous Materials Response Unit #96 stationed at Station #12 located at 555 Government Street (a fully functional command center in the event of an emergency).

Rescue Response Truck image

Rescue Response Truck (Rescue 93) is stationed at Fire Station #13 located at Sharp Road. The BRFD as two rescue vehicles that respond in the city one is stationed on the East side of town and the other is stationed on the West side.

District Chief's Response Vehicle image

District Chief's Response Vehicle, there are five of these vehicles stationed at fire stations throughout the city. The  vehicles respond to emergency incidents along with fire trucks and act as the command unit at the scene of fires.