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Relocation Permit  - Building

No utilities will be connected until the required procedure and permits have been issued, inspected, and finaled-out.

Note: Applicant must call for inspections when ready.

Relocated Home
One that has been moved from one location to another location. All utilities need to be connected before occupying the residence. Permits and inspections are required.

According to the Baton Rouge City-Parish Zoning Ordinance; No person shall move any building, except those regulated by Title 47 of the revised statutes, over, along or across any public way, street or alley without first obtaining a permit from the building official.

Permits shall be issued only to licensed building movers. The building official or his designated representative shall inspect all buildings prior to moving same into or within the City-Parish. The building official may refuse to issue a permit for the moving of any building which, in his opinion, is likely to cause serious bodily injury or harm to any person, or serious property damage to any public streets or improvements, or if the cost of repairs to the building in order to comply with the building plumbing, electrical and heating and air conditioning codes of the City-Parish exceeds fifty percent of the then physical value of the building. No permit will be issued to move a building which has been condemned by the council to be relocated to another site within the City-Parish. A licensed building mover is required to apply for the relocation permit, stating the route to be followed during the move. This must be approved by all affected agencies, and emergency rescue. If the relocation is to remain within this parish, he (building mover) must apply for the foundation permit. Both permits will be issued together for the relocation of the residence. Applicants requesting a permit for a relocated single family residence will need the following:

Flood Zone Determination Form

List name of owner of property, lot or tract number, street, subdivision, and the name, address, fax number, of the professional who will provide you with a Proposed Certificate of Elevation This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from for the relocated residence.

Once the residence has been blocked up on the proposed site, the professional must furnish the inspection division an Official Certificate of Elevation before getting a final approval of the foundation.

Relocation of Foundation Permit

Need a Plat Plan, Proposed Certificate of Elevation and a Foundation Plan.

If an individual sewer treatment plant is to be installed, a permit is required from the board of health. A foundation inspection is required before any concrete is poured. Pier construction will require two (2) inspections; one for the pier footing and one for the structure on the piers.

Inspection will also check
the building line setbacks for compliance. When ready for inspection, call 389-3209 with your permit number and address. Address must be posted. The Board of Health will need to have inspected the sewer treatment, if one was needed.

After getting a final approval
on the foundation, you will need a remodeling permit to allow your electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning contractors to get the necessary permits to connect the residence to utilities and sewer. The licensed professional contractors will call-in for their inspections, when ready. Any Homeowner Permits; the homeowner must call-in for inspections.

After all final inspections
have been made and approved; utilities will be notified to connect service.