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Council District 5
Ronnie Edwards
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Council District 5 Ronnie Edwards Ronnie Edwards is the first female to be elected in 2008 to represent and serve the constituents of the Baton Rouge Metro Council District 5 seat. She was re-elected to a second term without opposition and has over 43 years experience as an administrator in local and state government, business and industry. Mrs. Edwards currently holds the position of Special Projects Manager with Urban Restoration Enhancement Corp (UREC) with the added distinction of having served as its founding Administrator with over 22 years of service. UREC is a local and state certified CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization) and was certified by the LA Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO) as a Standards for Excellence Agency in 2008.

Mrs. Edwards currently serves as the Vice Mayor Pro Tem of the Council (formerly Finance & Executive Committee Chair) and was appointed to the Advisory Board of Lighthouse for the Blind and National Caucus & Center on Black Aged, Inc. In addition, she is actively involved with the Better Baton Rouge Initiative and the EBRP Redevelopment Authority’s Community Improvement Planning Process. She is an appointed commissioner of the Greenwell Springs Airline Hwy Economic Development District and serves on the Advisory Councils of the Recovery School District’s North Baton Rouge Achievement Zone and LA Black History Hall of Fame. A licensed real estate agent, Certified Apartment Manager, and Dale Carnegie Graduate with further studies at both LSU and Southern, Mrs. Edwards holds a B.S. in Management from the University of Phoenix.

An alumna of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber’s ’98 Greater Baton Rouge Leadership Program, the Police Department’s Citizens Academy, and YWCA’s Dialogue on Race. She is also a graduate of the University of Arkansas Community Development Institute, Co-Founder of the Micken’s Road Property Owners Association, and Member of New Pilgrim Baptist Church. She is a Ministry Development Institute Graduate and Instructor for Biblical Profiles and Crown Financial Ministries classes. She has served on numerous boards, commissions and task forces including the Mayor’s Mentor/Protégé Program for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

Married 43 years, mother of two and grandmother three. Mrs. Edwards is a 2007 recipient of the Baton Rouge Chapter of The Link’s, Inc. LA Role Models Award, 2009 Rising Tide Award from PREACH, 2009 Rupert Richardson Award presented by the state chapter of the NAACP, recognized by Higher Ground Ministry as one of the 2010 Strong Black Women Award recipients presented by Network 2009, and selected as a Children’s Defense Fund 2010 “Beat the Odds”, Champion for Children honoree. Councilwoman Edwards received the 2011 State and Regional Public Defender Award from the Louisiana Housing Council and National Association of Redevelopment Officials. In 2012 Councilwoman Edwards joined an impressive list of University of Phoenix graduates for her Outstanding Community Service. Most recently, Mrs. Edwards was recognized in 2014 as a Conqueror and Survivor of Pancreatic Cancer. She is a strong advocate for research and development, screening, patient’s medical report cards, radical life style changes and legislation that provides access to good, quality, affordable healthcare options.

Legislative Aide is Tyra Banks and Code Enforcement Officer, Mr. Gerald Gaines.

Sponsored Legislation

Title 8, Chapter 9

An Ordinance amending Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances, Title 8 (building regulations), to add Chapter 9 (housing discrimination).

The purposes of this Chapter are: (1) To provide for fair housing practices in the City; (2) To create a procedure for investigating and settling complaints of discriminatory housing practices; (3) To provide administrative remedies to aggrieved parties through local administrative resources; and (4) To provide a referral system to direct cases beyond the scope of local administrative process to suitable State and/or Federal enforcement authorities for litigation or injunctive relief.

Ordinance 21311
Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 7853, adopted May 15, 1985, as amended periodically pursuant to duly adopted ordinances, including, but not limited to, Ordinance No. 11542 and EBROSCO Ordinance 1887, each adopted on August 25, 1999, Ordinance No. 12334 and EBROSCO Ordinance No. 2068, each adopted June 12, 2002, and Ordinance No. 12647 and EBROSCO Ordinance No. 2131, each adopted on May 28, 2003 (collectively, the "Sewer User Fee Ordinance"), so as to amend Section 6, subparagraph (G) Surcharge Regulations to provide for a surcharge based on cost of service methodology.

Resolution 47231
Adopting a Fair Share Policy to work in conjunction with the DBE program for the state and federally funded projects to enhance economic development within the City-Parish through the growth and development of small economically disadvantaged businesses for the City of Baton Rouge and parish of East Baton Rouge which shall apply to all contracts funded with City-Parish funds, to report back to the Council in 60 days with an implementation plan which is to be approved by the Council, and Further, that policy will not be implemented for 60 days. Adopted August 12, 2009.

Ordinance 14937
To Amend and Re-Enact Section 12:405, of Title 12, Chapter 6 of the code of ordinances to be entitled “12.405 Maintenance of Property - Rodents, Reptiles, Mosquitoes and Pests” “Litter from Vehicles.” To Enact Sections 12:405.1 “Maintenance of Property - Unoccupied Structures” and 12:405.2 “Maintenance of Property - Emergency Measures.”

Deletes requirements relative to unoccupied structures on immoveable property and provides that grass or weeds of more than 12 inches in height constitutes a violation (does not apply to land used for grazing, tracts of land two acres or more, tracts of land totaling 2 acres or more having the same owner, or at least one tract of land which an active building permit is in effect. Violations hold a penalty of $117.

Requires the securing of unoccupied structures on immovable property and specifies requirements for boarding materials (structures must be barricaded using a minimum of 1/2 inch plywood, which shall be painted a color that is consistent with the color of the structure, and all boards shall be cut to fit into windows, doors, or other openings), and provides a 12 month compliance period for previously secured structures. Violations hold a penalty of $117.

Gives the Director of Public Works the authority, in the event of imminent danger to person or property due to unsafe condition of an unoccupied or unsecured structure, to bring the property into compliance. All cost associated are the responsibility of the property owner. Adopted June 9, 2010.

Ordinance 14972 To Amend and Re-Enact Section 6:432, “Litter From Vehicles” of Part III “ Anti-Litter Regulations” of Chapter 8 “Miscellaneous”, of Title 6” Public Health.
Section 6:432: Increases the Civil Penalty for subsequent offenses from $300 to $500. Adopted August 11, 2010.

Resolution 48064
To establish and publish a Database of information relative to the membership and functions, of various City-Parish Boards and Commissions to be used to appoint members of such boards and commissions. Adopted August 11, 2010.

Current and Previous Volunteer Service on Boards and Commissions

National Caucus and Center on Black Aged Board;
Baton Rouge Apartment Association;
Greenwell Springs / Airline Economic Development District;
Louisiana Association of Non Profit Organizations; Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless;
Louisiana Housing Alliance;
Louisiana CHDO Association;
Louisiana Housing Community & Economic Development Collaborative;
East Baton Rouge Parish Long Term Recovery Committee;
Greater Baton Rouge Community, Housing & Economic Development Coalition;
Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame.