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Divisions of the City Constable's Office

The City Constable is an official elected by the citizens of the City of Baton Rouge. He is recognized by the Plan of Government of the Parish of East Baton Rouge and the City of Baton Rouge. He serves a six-year term of office. His role is to preserve the public peace, execute the process of Baton Rouge City Court, and discharge other functions assigned by law. While the City Constable works with units of local government, he is, to a great extent, independent of any direction from them and carries out his duties according to the dictates of the laws under which he operates, similar to that of the Sheriff. The City Constable answers only to the courts and not to the governing body of the municipality from which he is elected.

Administration | City Jail |Community Services| Court & Building Security
Judicial Enforcement Division| Warrant

Administrative Division

Positions in the Administrative Division include the Constable, Chief Deputy, Chief of Operations, and Two (2) Lieutenant of Operations, the Constable's secretarys and the Garnishment & Civil Division clerks. Some of the duties handled by this Division include, but are not limited to, supervising and coordinating the activities of personnel assigned to the other Divisions, scheduling training for BRCCO personnel, researching and applying for grants, implementation and revision of policies and implementation of new laws and techniques of law enforcement that affect the office. The D.A.R.E. program is also overseen by this Division.

City Jail

This Division is responsible for the jail and jail processes. The city jail is designed to temporarily house all arrestees with City Court warrants as well as prisoners transported from other institutions who have scheduled court appearances. Deputies observe the conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes. They inspect locks, bars, doors, and other physical features for tampering during each shift. They physically search inmates and cells for weapons, valuables, drugs and other contraband. All incoming prisoners are processed by seizing and recording personal property that is brought into the jail for safe-keeping. Prisoners are photographed, fingerprinted, and the necessary booking paperwork is completed. Prisoners are held until they post bond, pay their fines, or are transported to Parish Prison. The Control Room operator also observes the movement of all persons into, within, and out of secured areas of the jail. The Control Room operator also observes prisoners and deputies via closed circuit remote control and stationary television cameras strategically located through the jail and City Court building, including courtrooms, and common areas. In the event of an emergency, the Control Room operator notifies other deputies of such and the location to which they should respond

Judicial Enforcement Division

Service of process is the primary responsibility of the BRCCO. This process includes, but is not limited to, criminal and civil subpoenas, evictions, garnishments, small claims, writs, and temporary restraining orders. All of these documents must be served in a timely manner and require a "return of service" made to the issuing division of the court. The "return of service" is filed by the deputy making service to notify the court of the type of service made. The eight deputies assigned to the Civil Division collectively serve approximately 3,000 subpoenas and civil papers per month. Each deputy is assigned a specific area of the City Parish. Our operations cover the city and parish in certain matters.

Community Services Division

The BRCCO Community Services Center and Community Services Division is housed at the Mall at Cortana. Similar offices and centers are being opened by law enforcement agencies in malls around the country The Community Services Division promotes many community-oriented programs. The Community Services Center will enhance these and other programs as well. The general public and other law enforcement agencies will have the opportunity to meet and train at the facility The center will be used for projects such as "Project Safe Neighborhoods" and other law enforcement and community related services The Community Services Center will be useful in extending our efforts and services to the community from a central location, in a safe and comfortable environment Above all, the Community Services Center and Community Services Division will enable the Baton Rouge City Constable's Office to live up to its motto "Service Above and Beyond."

Court and Building Security

Provides security for the Baton Rouge City Court building providing visitors, court employees and judges with a safe and secure environment. This Division is also responsible for court security As many as five divisions of court are in session at the same time, with at least one deputy assigned as bailiff to each. These deputies are responsible for keeping order in the court and for security and safety of all court personnel, judges, witnesses, inmates, victims, and spectators during civil and criminal proceedings and trials.

Warrant Task Force

The Warrant Task Force is responsible for the execution of all criminal and civil warrants issued by the Baton Rouge City Court. They also execute warrants from other jurisdictions on persons now in East Baton Rouge Parish.