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Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol Division|First District|Second District
Third District|Fourth District|Traffic Division|Radar Units|DWI Task Force
Bicycle Patrols|Traffic Homicide Unit|School Crossing Guards
Reserve Officers|Hit and Run Division|Support Services Units|Housing Authority|Building Security|Misdemeanor Investigation
K-9 Unit|Crime Analysis

Baton Rouge Uniformed Partol OfficersUniform Patrol is the largest bureau of the department, and is the primary point of contact for services to the public. The Bureau operates four precinct stations and satellite offices throughout the city. Officers assigned to this bureau perform preventative patrols and respond to public requests for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Uniform Patrol Bureau Divisions and Offices

Uniform Patrol Division
Traffic Division
Support Units

Uniform Patrol Division

Uniform Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling all areas of the city, responding to calls from citizens, conducting preliminary investigations of all crimes, and enforcing both criminal and traffic laws. The Uniform Patrol Division is divided into four (4) geographical patrol sections or districts.

Baton Rouge City Police Zones

First District Precinct

The First District Precinct is located at 4445 Plank Road. The area patrolled is roughly bordered on the north and east by Evangeline and Airline Highway, on the west by the Mississippi River and Scenic Highway and on the south by Florida Boulevard.

Second District Precinct

The Second District Precinct is located at 2265 Highland Road. The area patrolled is roughly bordered on the north by Florida Boulevard, on the west by the Mississippi River, on the south by Bayou Fountain, and on the east by Bluebonnet Highway, Essen Lane, Jefferson Highway, and Lobdell Avenue.

Third District Precinct

The Third District Precinct is located at 11010 Coursey Boulevard. The area patrolled is roughly bordered on the north by Greenwell Springs Road and the South Choctaw Drive Extension (railroad tracks), on the west by Airline Highway and Lobdell Avenue, on the east by North Stevendale Road, Lively Bayou, O'Neal Lane, Jones Creek Road, and Stumberg Lane, and on the south by Airline Highway and Jefferson Highway.

Fourth District Precinct

The Fourth District Precinct is located at 8227 Scenic Highway. The area patrolled is roughly bordered on the north by Blount Road and Thomas Road, on the west by the Mississippi River, on the east by Buttonwood Drive, McClelland Drive, and Plank Road, and on the south by Evangeline and Airline Highway.

Traffic Division

DWI Task Force
Bicycle Patrols
Traffic Homicide Unit
School Crossing Guards
Reserve Officers
Hit and Run

The Traffic Division is responsible for parking control, radar speed enforcement, motorcycle escort duty, and assisting the uniform patrol division in selective traffic enforcement and accident investigation, as required, as well as special assignments at the discretion of the Chief of Police. The traffic division carries out its mission with the following sections:

Motorcycle Patrol

Motorcycle Section

The Motorcycle Section concentrates on traffic enforcement and accident investigation, as well as escorts and other specialized assignments at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Radar Units

Radar Units are responsible for enforcement of speeding laws, serve as accident investigators during inclement weather and are periodically assigned to special events.

DWI Task Force

The DWI Task Force patrols after dark, enforcing laws relating to impaired drivers under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

Bicycle PatrolBicycle Patrols

Bicycle Patrols are utilized for concentrated, more personalized protection of contained areas, such as malls, shopping centers, or areas of high-density pedestrian traffic. Bicycle Patrol officers are also assigned to the Downtown Development District to enforce parking ordinances, contact business owners and residents to check for problems and devise solutions to those problems.

Traffic Homicide Unit

The Traffic Homicide Unit investigates all traffic crashes involving death or life threatening injuries and fleet crashes as directed by the Chief of Police.

School Crossing Guards

School Crossing Guards are civilians used to supplement police protection of children walking to and from schools during the regular school year.

Reserve Officers

Reserve Officers are civilians who undergo necessary training to become police officers and who donate their time as police officers to supplement existing manpower, especially during special events.

Hit and Run Division

The Hit and Run Division is responsible for the follow up investigation of hit and run and incomplete accidents as reported by field officers.

Support Units

Housing Authority Patrols
Governmental Building Security
Misdemeanor Investigations
Crime Analysis

Support Services Units

The Support Services Units perform functions that supplement the uniform patrol division.

Housing Authority Unit

The Housing Authority Unit coordinates all security at public housing complexes, working closely with management and residents to enforce laws, resolve problems and provide a safe environment.

Building Security

Building Security coordinates protection for the East Baton Rouge Parish Governmental Building and its employees.

Misdemeanor Investigation Office

The Misdemeanor Investigation Office is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of misdemeanor crimes.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is used for building searches, crowd control, tracking fleeing suspects, or searches for missing persons, or any other missions which could more effectively or more safely be carried out by trained police dogs than by police officers.

Crime Analysis Section

The Crime Analysis Section collects data generated by uniform officers and reports to the bureau commander with respect to manpower allocation and directed patrol initiatives.