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Baton Rouge Police Department

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ICE Victim Notification External web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge
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Crime Statistics
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Crime Maps
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Crime Stoppers External web link not maintained by City of Baton Rouge
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Internal Affairs Summary This document is in PDF format.  Download the free viewer from 
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K-9 Division Honored
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News & Press Releases
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Organizational Structure
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Phone Numbers
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Recruiting Information
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Safety Tips
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Reporting a theft or loss of items such as cell phones, garbage cans

Phone Numbers

Area Code 225

Accounting 389-3811
Alarm Enforcement 389-3805
Burglary/Forgery/Auto 389-3824
Chief's Office 389-3802
Crime Information Unit 389-4862
Crime Scene Investigations 389-4695
Communications 389-2000
Cortana Mall Liaison 926-3350
Crime Prevention 389-4801
Crime Stoppers 389-3361
Criminal Records 389-3839
District 1 389-3866
District 2 389-3863
District 3 389-5247
District 4 389-3033
Evidence 389-3848
Explosives/Hazmat 389-3860
Extra Duty 389-7842
Major Assault 389-3844
Homicide 389-4869
Armed Robbery 389-3845
Fleet Management 389-3208
Health & Safety 389-7820
Hit & Run 389-3877
Impound 389-3819
Intelligence 389-7734
Internal Affairs 389-3850
Juvenile/Sex Crimes 389-3853
K-9 Range 389-5208
Latents/FPID 389-4876
Legal Advisor 389-3809
Media Relations 389-3948
Misdemeanor Follow-Up 389-4979
Narcotics 389-3914
Operational Management 389-3387
Pistol Range 389-8275
School Drug Task Force 389-5142
Supply 389-3905
Traffic Division 389-3874
Traffic Homicide 389-7819
Traffic Records 389-3878
Training Services 389-3886
Uniform Patrol Bureau 389-3911
Warrant Division 389-3889


Baton Rouge Police Department