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Melvin 'Kip' Holden

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City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge

Mayor-President's Holden's seal

Melvin L. “Kip” Holden

Mayor-President Melvin “Kip” Holden

Welcome to the official website for East Baton Rouge Parish. I assumed office as Mayor-President on January 1, 2005 with a goal to build an administration that will be a green light for solutions to traffic, safe neighborhoods, a quality education system and open government. Through the increased use of technology and better management of our resources, I believe Louisiana’s Capital is poised to become America’s next great city.

Baton Rouge is the home of two great universities, a world-class biomedical research facility and a downtown that is coming alive with the opening of two museums, as well as new and creative residential and office developments.

If you are a citizen of East Baton Rouge Parish, we hope our website provides you with the assistance you need to access the information and services your local government provides. If you are a visitor, we invite you to see Baton Rouge in person as a tourist or a company considering doing business here. You will find the friendly people of Baton Rouge will welcome you warmly, and our government doors are always open to you.

Please let us hear from you on how we can serve you better.


Melvin L. “Kip” Holden


The Mayor-President is the Chief Executive Officer of the city and parish. He supervises and directs the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the government. He keeps the Metropolitan Council informed of the financial condition of the government, with recommendations for action; submits the annual budget to the Council; and performs other duties prescribed by The Plan of Government, ordinances, and resolutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the City of Baton Rouge use the title Mayor-President instead of Mayor?

East Baton Rouge Parish and the City of Baton Rouge have a consolidated form of government. The head of the executive branch serves as both the president of the parish and the mayor of the city, thus, the title mayor-president.

Why do we use the title "Mayor-President" for our Mayor?

The Mayor of Baton Rouge is called "Mayor-President" because he or she is Mayor of the City of Baton Rouge and President of East Baton Rouge Parish. This stems from 1947, when the people of the parish voted to consolidate the functions of local government so that the City of Baton Rouge, which was growing significantly after World War II, and the rural, unincorporated areas of the East Baton Rouge Parish, could all be served by many local government departments. 

Our local government was further consolidated in 1982 when the citizens voted to join the City and Parish Councils into one governing body called the Metropolitan Council. This also meant that 12 Council Members would be elected from single member districts. 

What was the purpose of consolidating the Parish and City Government?

Consolidated government is regarded as a more efficient way of running a metropolitan area. It has a threefold objective: to eliminate duplication of governmental services; to increase governmental efficiency; and to reduce costs. For example, caring for roadways requires the same type of skilled employees and equipment, no matter if the roads are in the parish or the city. Therefore, having one Department of Public Works instead of two is more cost effective.

What is our Mayor-President responsible for?

The Mayor-President is like the City Parish's Chief Executive Officer, as he sets the city's agenda, vision, and manages its day-to-day functions. He appoints most of the department heads, and supervises and directs the services of those departments. While he does not set the city's public policy (that is the job of the Metropolitan Council) the Mayor-President influences policy through his relationships and his appointees. He also prepares and submits the annual budget to the Metropolitan Council. As one of only 50 Mayors of state capital cities, our Mayor represents Baton Rouge throughout Louisiana, the U.S., and the international community. 

How do I invite the Mayor-President to attend an event?

You may fax a letter to the Mayor's Office detailing the event (include date, time, location as well as a contact name & number), to (225) 389-5203. You may also mail your request to 222 St. Louis Street, 3rd Floor, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. If you fax your request, please include "Request Mayor's Attendance" in the subject line.