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Senior Trades Specialist
Work Location:Various City-Parish Departments
Starting Salary:16.2621 Hourly / $33,825 Annual
Pay Grade:1180
Special Recruiting Rate:
This classification has a special recruiting rate at Step 6 (starting salary $39,213 annually) for new hires only.
Under the supervision of an employee of a higher classification, performs journeyman level work in construction, maintenance, and repair activities in one or more of the building trades. Work may involve performing skilled installation and maintenance on air conditioning and heating, electrical, locks and electronic access, and/or plumbing systems; and/or construction, alteration, and repair of wooden structures and equipment. Assignments received are usually oral or written, but may be accompanied by sketches or blueprints. Work is performed independently, with considerable latitude for determining materials and work methods, and is subject to inspection during progress and upon completion. Employees of this classification are distinguished from Trades Specialist by a greater level of experience, as well as a greater degree of authority and responsibility exercised. An employee in this class is subject to unusual working hours, as well as twenty-four hour call for situations needing immediate attention. Performs other work as requested.
ALL TRADES: Studies blueprints and sketches for large scale projects; estimates time and material for projects and keeps records of cost involved. Performs lead worker duties over semiskilled and lower level skilled workers; trains apprentice workers and skilled workers in one or more of the building trades. Makes periodic checks of all equipment to ensure proper working conditions; performs preventive maintenance. Investigates complaints in regard to improper operation of equipment and recommends corrective measures. Assists managers with gathering information for bid specifications. Maintains complete and accurate records of work assignments; prepares paperwork. Operates City-Parish vehicles. AIR CONDITIONING, HEATING, AND REFRIGERATION: Repairs, maintains, and adjusts air conditioning, heating, and related equipment; inspects, adjusts, maintains, and repairs boilers, pumps, refrigeration equipment, laundry equipment, elevators, generators, and other mechanical and pneumatic equipment. Treats and cleans water towers; changes filters; oils and greases bearings; cleans air ducts; cleans mechanical and control equipment; takes water samples from boiler, condenser, and cooling tower water; performs routine analysis and administers proper chemical treatment. Operates a computer control panel to monitor mechanical and electrical operations; performs minor electrical work on air conditioning and heating equipment; performs plumbing installation and repair. Troubleshoots and maintains control systems for energy management and air conditioning and heating; performs maintenance on variable frequency drives for chilled water systems. CARPENTRY: Builds small frame buildings; installs partitions, ceilings, and doors; sets door frames; lays flooring; applies roofing and shingles; hangs sheet rock. Builds cabinets, counters, bookcases, desks, and other wooden articles; builds replacement pieces for the repair of furniture; restores antique furniture; repairs stairways; replaces siding; adjusts and repairs doors; and cuts holes for duct work and ventilators. Performs skilled bench work operating power saws and planers, as well as other standard carpentry and cabinet-making tools, such as power-driven woodworking equipment. ELECTRICAL: Installs and repairs wiring, lighting systems, power appliances, and electrical devices, machinery, and equipment. Tests, locates, and repairs trouble in electrical circuits and equipment. Installs and maintains fan motors and emergency generators; seats and replaces brushes; rewinds and replaces coils and armatures; performs other electrical work and some mechanical work in repairing and replacing parts. Performs maintenance on security lighting, computerized fire alarm systems, locking systems, surveillance and audio systems, and backup emergency systems. Inspects, tests, troubleshoots, and repairs airfield electrical equipment; oversees contractors performing large scale projects on the airfield. Works on high voltage lines and equipment.
LOCKSMITH: Sets or resets lock cylinders to provide a key system to ensure security of buildings or rooms; selects and specifies the lock systems to be used in new buildings; installs new locks or replaces an entire lock system. Removes worn or pitted parts from locks, builds them up by welding, and dresses them to exact size; repairs or replaces springs, tumblers, and other parts; changes lock combinations. Selects key blanks, cuts keys, fits keys to locks; makes master keys; unlocks doors when keys are lost or broken in the lock, when locks are defective, or when combinations are unknown. Repairs pneumatic door closure devices. PLUMBING: Installs plumbing fixtures and specialized kitchen, laundry, and laboratory equipment; installs water, low pressure steam, sewer, and gas systems. Bends, cuts, reams, and threads pipe; makes lead joints; sweats fittings on copper pipe; taps water and gas mains; greases and packs expansion joints on steam lines. Maintains piping systems by opening clogged pipes and traps; tests for leaks by filling pipe with water under pressure and checking with a gauge for full pressure. Makes layouts and sketches of plumbing to be installed; prepares estimates of materials, trade, and labor necessary to complete the job. Repairs condensate, circulating, and sump pumps; repairs steam traps, air control and pressure regulating valves, and pneumatic temperature controls; replaces thermocouples, safety valves, and boiler tubes.
Knowledge of the standard practices, methods, tools, materials, and equipment in one or more of the building trades. Knowledge of local, national, and City-Parish codes and standards in one or more of the building trades. Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions necessary in the construction, mechanical, and/or electrical trades. Skill in the use of construction, repair, and maintenance of hand and power tools. Skill in the operation of light motor vehicles. Ability to make cost estimates of time and materials. Ability to read, interpret, and work from sketches, blueprints, and specifications, and to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. Ability to lead and train apprentice workers and skilled workers in one or more of the building trades. Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with coworkers, superiors, and others. Ability to physically perform assigned tasks. Ability to apply good work habits such as punctuality, reliability, preciseness, and dependability in order to effectively complete assigned tasks and contribute to the smooth operation of the department and division.
High school diploma, GED, HiSET, or equivalent certificate of competency; successful completion of an apprenticeship or training program; and two years of journeyman-level experience in one of the following building trades: air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration, carpentry, electrical, locksmith, or plumbing.
Any equivalent combination of education and experience.
Position(s) of this classification may require a valid Louisiana driver's license. If license is required, must be maintained throughout employment in this position. Position(s) of this classification may require at the time of application, possession of the appropriate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refrigerant recycling and recovery certification (Type I, II, III, or Universal) for technicians (as required under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act, 1990). Position(s) of this classification may require at the time of application, possession of a Journeyman or Master Plumber License from the State Plumbing Board of Louisiana.
For security reasons, as per TSA provision 1542, all applicant/employees of the Greater Baton Rouge Airport District who have access to restricted areas will be required to have a ten (10) year criminal background check to the extent allowable by the law. Employees found to have an excessive criminal record or other misrepresentations of employment will not be eligible for employment.
JOB CODE:151270
Score derived from application grading.
In your employment application, please include details of your prior experience such as specific trades duties performed, level of experience (e.g. apprentice, journey), types of tools, equipment and machines used, supervisory duties, types of projects worked on and other details that will help HR make a thorough evaluation of your prior experience. If you worked for a concrete company-did you frame, pour and/or finish the concrete? If you were an HVAC mechanic, what size and types of systems did you install and/or repair? Also be detailed about your education, training and certifications/licenses and bring supporting documentation with your application.