If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 directly for immediate person-to-person assistance.

Now Baton Rouge residents have convenient access to community and government information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!  Dial 344-INFO or 344-4636 from a touch-tone phone for answers to the most frequently asked question about government issues.

Click here to Access AskBR!!

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How to Use AskBR
  1. Dial (225) 344-INFO or 344-4636.  Have paper and pencil ready to jot down the information you need.

  2. Press the four-digit message number of your choice. You may access up to four messages each time you call AskBR.

Services for Today.... and Tomorrow

Why AskBR Was Created

AskBR is a service from the East Baton Rouge City Parish Government that can help you, the citizen, by either providing the information you need or giving you the correct office and telephone number to address your concern.

At the end of each message, AskBR provides you with a telephone number for your personal service.  The system does not take the place of individual customer service, but rather offers you a 24-hour option.  You may find the system most useful in the early morning, late evening and weekends or holidays when our offices are closed, or it may help you find the correct office and extension for your question.

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Avoid Busy Signals

When calling, an occasional busy signal may occur.  Please wait for a few moments before re-dialing AskBR.

Have paper & pencil ready to write down information.  Your readiness will help keep the lines available for other callers.  Everyone will benefit!

Quick Tips

You may press a new message number at any time.  For example, if you get the wrong message, you may immediately enter another without waiting for the first message to finish playing.