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Inspection Status Lookup

Welcome to the Inspection Status Lookup page. This site allows the public to check the status of permit inspections. Information on this site is provided by the City/Parish Permits and Inspections Office.

The information accessed is for informational use only. The information may not be complete and up to date as it is updated throughout the day as information on inspections and permits are continually entered. The information provided is for the purpose of providing a record of a project under construction or for determining the status of a occupancy that has been applied for. There may be additional information that must be provided and may not be shown on the status report. If you have any questions about the project; please call our record room at 225-389-3233.


Please note that as of 10/10/2011 we have switched to a new software company for permitting and inspections. Any permits applied for on 10/10/2011 or after can be accessed through the Customer Portal on the MyPermitNow website.

Please use the existing links below for permits applied for prior to 10/10/2011.

There are two ways you can check your inspection status:

By Permit Number

You can look up statuses by individual permit numbers.

By Contractor License Number

Contractors can use their City/Parish Contractor License number to see all of their active permits.