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Red Light Safety Program
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Red-Light Running Facts
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Red-Light Cameras Affect Driver Behavior 
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Red-Light Running Facts
Red-light running is a dangerous and costly problem.
  • Red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.1
  • In 2005, 165,000 injuries and over 800 fatalities in the U.S. were attributed to red-light running. There were over 1.8 million accidents at intersections. 1
  • The financial cost to the public is estimated to be more than $14 billion each year.
  • An average of 3.2 red light violations occur per hour according to a 2003 study conducted by University Transportation Center for Alabama in 4 states at 19 different intersections.

3 frame image showing crash at red light

A crash caused by a driver who runs a red light is more likely to result in serious injury or death.

  • Deaths caused by red-light running are increasing at more than three times the rate of increase for all other fatal crashes.3
  • More people are injured in crashes involving red-light running than in any other crash type.
  • 63 percent of all Americans will witness a red-light running incident more than once each week, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the American Trauma Society.
  • Reduction in red-light running through a comprehensive red-light camera program will promote and protect the public health, safety and welfare of your community.

Most people run red lights because they are in a hurry, when in fact they only save seconds.

  • Almost all drivers (96%) fear being struck by a red-light runner.4
  • Majority of Americans (56%) admit to running red lights. 4
  • Red-light runners can be any one of us who drives. 4
  • One in three Americans knows someone who has been injured or killed in a red-light running crash.4
  • Red-light running is often a result of aggressive driving, and is completely preventable.


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