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Plan of Government

Chapter 1
General Provisions

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Chapter 2
Governing Bodies

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Chapter 3
Governing Bodies -
Powers and Duties

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Chapter 4
Mayor President

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Chapter 5
Department of
Public Works

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Chapter 6
Police Department

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Chapter 7
Fire Department

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 10
Planning and Zoning

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Chapter 11

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AUGUST 12, 1947
JANUARY 1, 1949


JULY 29, 1952
NOVEMBER 6, 1956
NOVEMBER 3, 1964
NOVEMBER 8, 1966
NOVEMBER 3, 1970
FEBRUARY 1, 1972
OCTOBER 27, 1979
SEPTEMBER 11, 1982
APRIL 16, 1988
OCTOBER 6, 1990
NOVEMBER 18, 1995
NOVEMBER 5, 1996
NOVEMBER 3, 1998
OCTOBER 20, 2007
DECEMBER 6, 2014
DECEMBER 2, 2015

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Chapter 6: Police Department

Police Department for the City of Baton Rouge

There shall be a Police Department for the City of Baton Rouge as extended by this Plan of Government. It shall consist of a Chief of Police, who shall be the head of the department, and such other officers and employees of such ranks and grades as may be provided by the Metropolitan Council. The Police Department shall be responsible within the city limits for the preservation of public peace and order, the prevention of crime, the apprehension of criminals, the protection of rights of persons and property, and the enforcement of the laws of the state and the ordinances of the Council. All members of the department shall have the same powers and duties with respect to the enforcement of criminal laws as are now or may hereafter be conferred by the laws of the state on police officers. (As amended October 20, 2007)

Police Department - Organization

The Metropolitan Council shall have, except as provided in this Plan of Government, all the powers and duties relating to the organization and activities of a Police Department conferred or imposed on the City of Baton Rouge by its charter and the general laws of the state. The Chief of Police shall be in direct command of the department and, subject to the provisions of Chapter 9 of this Plan of Government, shall have power to appoint and remove all other officers and employees of the department. He shall assign all members of the department to their respective posts, shifts, details and duties. He shall make rules and regulations consistent with this Plan of Government, the ordinances of the Council, and the laws of the state, concerning the operation of the Police Department, the conduct of its officers and employees, and their equipment, training and discipline, and the penalties to be imposed for infraction of such rules and regulations, which when approved by the Council shall be binding on all members of the department.

Continuance of Civil Service Status Existing Members of Police Department

All regular full-time officers and employees of the Police Department of the City of Baton Rouge on the first day of January l949 are hereby continued as members of the City Police Department in their then ranks and grades, and shall hold such positions until promoted, demoted, transferred or removed, as provided in Chapter 9 of this Plan of Government.

Financing of Police Department

The Police Department shall be supported by appropriations made by the Metropolitan Council.

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