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Litter Court Enforcement Program

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Code Violations
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Litter Court Code Enforcement

In January of 2009, the Mayor’s listening tours revealed widespread citizen concerns for illegal signs, trash, and debris and code violations. As a result, Baton Rouge has started a bold campaign against blight with its new Litter court program. Citizens may call 3-1-1; 389-3090 or go online to submit a Citizen's Request for Service to report violations,  at Inspectors from the Department of Public Works Inspections Division and the Office of Neighborhoods take photos of junk, trash, debris, illegal signs, overgrown lots, garbage cans that are not put back on private property after pick-up, and neglected swimming pools. Inspectors are pro-active so they report violations that are called in as well as what they see when driving the streets. Property owners are sent a letter from the city giving them fifteen days to fix the violation. Then the inspector is sent out again to re-inspect and take follow-up pictures. If the violation has been corrected, the complaint is dismissed. If the violation still exists another letter is sent out issuing a court date for the property owner to appear before the Administrative Hearing Officer (AHO). At the hearing, the property owner must explain to why the violation continues unabated. The AHO and property owner will work out amicable solution. If property owner fails to appear the AHO will render liable decision. If necessary, DPW will be ordered to clean the property. DPW will clear the violation and report clean up costs to Litter Court. The owner must appeal within 30 days. The Parish Attorney’s Office will affix clean up costs to the owner’s property taxes for the next year. Fines are $117, plus $50 court costs. It is in the owner’s best interest to take care of the problem.

This effort was started to encourage citizens to take responsibility for their property, have a cleaner looking city, and decrease blight. Statistics show that blight is related to crime. When we fight blight, we fight crime, increase property values, and make our city a better place to live, work, and play.


Violations Under the Litter Court Enforcement Program

  1. Maintenance of Property

  1. Open, abandoned buildings,

  1. Overgrown yard: More than half of the grass or vegetation must not be over 12 inches tall. (Title 12 Section 12:405)

  1. Maintenance of Swimming Pools

  1. Water Quality: You must be able to see the bottom of the pool,

  1. Proper Security:  The pool must be enclosed by a fence 5 feet high. The fence gate must close automatically. The gate latch must lock automatically. (Title 12 Section 12:406)

  1. Accumulation of Junk, Trash, and Debris
    Is there junk, trash, or debris in the front yard, backyard, or carport? This includes inoperable vehicles. (Title 6 Section 386 or 411.1)

  1. Signs
    Portable signs and banners are illegal on public and private property. Only permanent signs that have been permitted by the city parish are legal. Campaign signs and real estate signs have a special permit, but should only be placed on private property. (Title 6.442)

  1. Garbage Cans
    Garbage cans must be stored on private property except between 4 p.m. the night before pick-up and 6 a.m. the day after pick-up. They should be placed near the street, but not in the street for pick-up. (Title 6 Section 6:381, 384, and 406)


Fight Blight

For more information please contact the
Office of Neighborhood Services
(225) 389-7871 or Fax: (225) 389-5689

Submitting  Service Requests Online

Go to Click on Request for Service, the 4th link down on the left. In the next window click on “Submit a service request or look up an existing request.” Then click on the small box that says "Submit." Fill in the information in the next windows. If the pull down menu doesn’t list your problem go to the bottom where it says “Service Requests That Cannot Be Categorized.” When you have finished be sure to write down the service request number or print the page that has the number and information.