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Proposed Future Land Use - Select the swipe tool and layer of choice. Slide the bar to see before and after land use designation. (03-15-2017)

Land Use (03-15-2017)

Community Design and Neighborhoods Updated (10-09-2017)

Community Design and Neighborhoods Markup (10-09-2017)

Environment and Conservation Updated (10-09-2017)

Environment and Conservation Markup (10-09-2017)

Economic Development Updated (08-22-2017)

Economic Development Markup (08-22-2017)

Housing Updated (08-22-2017)

Housing Markup (08-22-2017)

Infrastructure Updated (08-22-2017)

Infrastructure Markup (08-22-2017)

Major Street Plan (03-15-2017)

Parks and Recreation Updated (08-22-2017)

Parks and Recreation Markup (08-22-2017)

Public Services and Governmental Coordination Updated (08-22-2017)

Public Services and Governmental Coordination Markup (08-22-2017)

Transportation Updated (12-04-2017)

Transportation Markup (12-04-2017)

Public Comments

For questions regarding FUTUREBR, contact Carrie Broussard at